CodeIgniter 4: Setup Virtual Host

So.. yeah here we are again, with a new post. It is not actually about CodeIgniter but I decided to move further with our previous project code setup, we discussed from previous post. The Virtual Host Let us get this straight, instead of using http:localhost/ci4/public we will use something like http://dev.ci4.local . That looks pretty … Continue reading CodeIgniter 4: Setup Virtual Host

CodeIgniter 4: The Basic

Hello Devs,Hope you are all safe and healthy at home. CodeIgniter4 landed last month and I finally got the chance to use it on a new project. If you have been working on any MVC, using CodeIgniter 4 should be smooth. CodeIgniter 4 has been re-developed from scratch. Consider it as a new framework. I … Continue reading CodeIgniter 4: The Basic

HTML Cache: CodeIgniter3 + PhpFastCache + Redis

Website performance has been the key factor for user engagement. Since more and more users are using tablets and mobiles for internet access, it is very important to have a fast loading website in place. Though there are multiple ways to enhance your site, I would like to concentrate on caching. I have implemented caching … Continue reading HTML Cache: CodeIgniter3 + PhpFastCache + Redis