Concept of Online Privacy in India

Online privacy, for most of us Indians, is like Coronavirus: If we can't see it, it probably does no matter to us, unlike god though. We as Indians have never understood the concept of online privacy until recently, may be we are waiting for bad things to happen. Indians love to gossip. Gossip is the … Continue reading Concept of Online Privacy in India


CodeIgniter 4: Setup Virtual Host

So.. yeah here we are again, with a new post. It is not actually about CodeIgniter but I decided to move further with our previous project code setup, we discussed from previous post. The Virtual Host Let us get this straight, instead of using http:localhost/ci4/public we will use something like http://dev.ci4.local . That looks pretty … Continue reading CodeIgniter 4: Setup Virtual Host

HTML Cache: CodeIgniter3 + PhpFastCache + Redis

Website performance has been the key factor for user engagement. Since more and more users are using tablets and mobiles for internet access, it is very important to have a fast loading website in place. Though there are multiple ways to enhance your site, I would like to concentrate on caching. I have implemented caching … Continue reading HTML Cache: CodeIgniter3 + PhpFastCache + Redis