Work From Home

Work from home. That is my cup of tea. Here in India, few don’t like it, some don’t know it & many don’t believe in it. Being a full-time freelancer from 2011-2017. I was able to gather some good skills to balance my personal & professional life, deliver good quality work and have stable income. Working from home has no unscheduled meetings, no boss calls to cabin for 3 minute discussion and no non-productive office chatter. Absolute heaven for work.

I will try to keep this article short and to the point. I will focus on how to keep yourself sane when you have too much on the plate. Being a web developer(earlier) & system admin, all I need is my laptop/phone & a good internet to get me started anywhere. Initially, being a workaholic, it was tough to set a schedule for myself. But as days passed by I found the key to be more productive and less exhausted. Here are some points.

1. Get a makeshift office:

You don’t want to be lying around in the house with a laptop and charger like a slave to the technology. You need some good place to sit and work, quietly. Find a room where you can have a office. Setup a small desk & chair. You have window near? cool. You like to face a wall? great. Any place that helps will work.

2. Have a schedule:

While working from home it is important to have a time for work. Set up a time table. If your work requires collaborating with others, adjust your time so that all of you are online and available when required. If your work is independent and you just need to have meeting once on two days, I think you are sitting on a gold mine of time. You can adjust your schedule and work when you are most energetic.
If you fall under the dependent worker category, the best time to get started it in the morning. Start early, like 6am and work up to 11am. Have breakfast, enjoy some time with family and get back to work at 1pm.

3. Handle kids:

404 – experience not found. You are on your own here.

4. Got a Pet(dog/cat):

Having a pet is awesome. They help you take breaks. You need to feed them, take them for short walks. Synchronize your breaks with them. Pets are a great company, I cannot express it in words here. Having a pet around is just so nice.

5. Synchronize with your partner:

If you are married & your spouse is also working from home, then you can synchronize your work schedule with them. You both can spend time together during breaks. Have a cup of tea together while on a break or water your indoor plants or even cook a meal together.

6. Take Regular Breaks:

Make sure you take short breaks, those are important. Like me, if you have a habit of avoiding short breaks, you can use a small trick. Keep a cup of drinking water instead of a bottle. When thirsty, push yourself to fill and drink it yourself. Keep yourself hydrated, do some stretching & relax your eyes for a while.

7. Snacks/Drinks:

I don’t myself like eating near my laptop or on my work desk. But I always like to have a cup of tea. If you like to have snacks/drinks while working do have some. Get some healthy drinks & snacks.

8. Keep yourself & your family safe:

This is important. Your city might be under lock-down by the government or you have nice boss like mine who has allowed you to work from home. You need to keep in mind that this current situation is to ensure safety for yourself and your family. You are allowed to work from home and you need to prove that you can deliver.

9 Entertain yourself:

At the end of the day, you deserve some entertainment. Well switch to NETFLIX. But remember to: 1. Not to be on NETFLIX the entire day and night. 2. Sleep on time because you have to work from home tomorrow as well.

10. Do not procrastinate:

Last but not the least, always remember that work from home is not a holiday. What tasks you have for the day must be completed and delivered the same day. Do not leave it to the next day and then the next and then the next. Else it will never be completed. Work responsibly and prove that you can.

Hope all of you & your family are healthy in this time of crisis.


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